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Роман Матіїв: «I do not imagine my life without cattlefarming»

I remember my first working day very good. It was July 1, 1996. Then Sergei Kolesnikov worked as the main veterinarian in the "Shishatskaya" agricultural company. He brought me to the Chernyshev Dairy Farm, introduced the team, showed the livestock, gave the keys to the veterinary drag store.
My mentor was Galina Yakovlevna Kalyonobrodskaya. Then she worked as a manager of the farm. I, as a veterinary feldsher, who just graduated from Khomutka Veterinary College, learned a lot from her.
In this farm I have been working for 6 years as a veterinary surgeon. Then two years as a technician of artificial insemination, two years a feldsher at the slaughter shop. Then I returned to Chernyshivka as a fitter-clerk, and worked as a horticulturist a year.
From 2006 I worked as the chief zoo technician, then the senior zootechnician of the production unit "Shishatskaya" of the agricultural firm "them. Dovzhenko ". I graduated from the Poltava State Agrarian Academy in parallel with the qualification of a technologist for the production and processing of livestock products. And in July this year headed the feed-center.
All these years I have been watching how the farm, and the company were changing. In 1996, in the Chernyshevskaya Farm milk yields were 3 tons of milk a day. It was a record for that time. Today, the same farm delivers 15 tons of milk daily. This is just one example. Since the time when the farm became a subsidiary of Astarta, everything started to change. Milk pipelines and cooling tanks were installed. After a while, they reviewed the feed preparation process.
I feel that today ASTARTA is a progressive, purposeful, successful and effective company.
For me, as a specialist who has been working for the whole life in the field of animal husbandry, the most important events were the start of a negligent complex in the village of Khvoshcheve and a forage center in Shishaky. These are unique for Ukraine enterprises. This is an innovative approach to industry development.
In my work, I enjoy the feed preparation most of all, my job is to prepare and deliver the feed stuff on time. When everything works like a clock - this brings me particular pleasure. When the last car with feed leaves the feed center, I understand that the day was successful. Together with the team we met the tasks.
I can not imagine my life in another area.
I'm happy, because my family supports me in my job admiration. My family - the loving wife and daughters Vitalina and Ivanka - are my main achievements. Vitalina is studying at the Shishaky regional gymnasium for gifted children, and Ivanka - at the Poltava State Agricultural Academy.
Everyone has their own energy sources. Mine is a family and friends, a favorite work and beauty of the native land.

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