Astarta constantly carries out purchases of:

  • mineral fertilisers;
  • seeds;
  • plant protection agents;
  • fuel and lubricants;
  • agricultural machinery; 
  • spare parts and accessories (tires, rechargeable batteries, etc.);
  • equipment for cattle farming; 
  • veterinary drugs;
  • coal;
  • bags for sugar, filter fabrics;
  • chemical reagents and auxiliary materials for sugar factories;
  • LLC Globinsky processing plant buys soybeans;
  • sugar beets. 

The company is aware of the moral obligation to positively influence the value of our products throughout the chain, from production to sales to customers, based on the principles of social responsibility. As a result, the company has implemented an ethical Code of Social Responsibility of Suppliers, within which we expect our partners and suppliers to:

  • adhere to the best commonly-accepted practices of corporate ethics and be responsive to society and the environment;
  • respect the principles and provisions of this Code.

Therefore, the essential criteria that will influence our choice of supplier include:

  • quality of goods, works, and services;
  • business reputation and compliance with the rules and principles of the Code of Social Responsibility of Suppliers;
  • the economic and financial health of the company and its technical potential;
  • qualification data.