Astarta started harvesting winter rapeseeds. Farmers of its agricultural subsidiaries in the Poltava region were the first ones to begin harvesting, with farmers in the Western regions of Ukraine to join in the first decade of July. Overall, Astarta plans to harvest winter crops from 61kha, including winter wheat from 49kha.

-Today we started threshing winter rapeseeds in the Poltava region. It is an extremely early start – ahead of the long-term average – but the harvesting time is predictable. We also plan to start harvesting winter wheat from the end of this week. Our subsidiaries in the Western regions are planning to start harvesting by 7-9 July, – says Mr.Roman Pavlyk, the Crop Production Head. – The most significant challenge now is to ensure the smooth running of each stage in the simultaneous harvesting of several crops, during military air raids and power cuts. However, we have been actively preparing for the season: we have a sufficient number of harvesting machinery, larger fleet of trucks, well prepared elevators with autonomous power supply, optimised processes via AgriChain digital field logistics tools, and trained personnel. 

At the same time, the farmers have also completed harvesting winter peas on 599ha. It is a new crop for Astarta with the earliest harvesting time.