Corporate Governance

Astarta is a European public company, a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding company in Ukraine.

The holding company Astarta Holding N.V. was established on May 24, 2006 for the purpose of listing its shares at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company is registered and operates in accordance with the law of Netherlands at: Jan van Goyenkade 8, 1075 HP, Amsterdam.

On August 17, 2006, Astarta Holding N.V. carried out the initial public offering of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Shares are quoted under the ticker AST. The funds raised through the IPO were invested into the development of sugar production, improvement of agricultural technologies and modernization of animal husbandry.

The Company follows the best corporate governance practices recommended for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies), as well as the principles and recommendations for effective corporate governance presented in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, 2016 (Dutch Corporate Governance Code, 2016).

Astarta is constantly improving its corporate governance processes to meet the best international practices, promote openness and transparency of business processes, and achieve maximum production efficiency.