ASTARTA grain elevator business extends its  Loyalty Programme for Partners in 2021. We strive to expand and strengthen partnerships with crop growers and grain traders, providing quality, convenient services at affordable rates. There are 8 ASTARTA elevators at your service: in the Poltava region – Semenivskyi, Lutovynivskyi, Yareskivskyi, Skorokhodivskyi elevators, in the Vinnytsia region – Khmilnytskyi, in the Khmelnytskyi region – Krasylivskyi, Viytovetskyi, and Chernihivskyi elevators.  Since last autumn, elevators have been working not only with internal customers – the company’s farming enterprises, but also offering its services to outside parties. 
The Loyalty Programme offers discounted rates on services for transshipment and storage of grain, as well as concessional payment terms: 

  • possibility to delay the payment until shipment or re-issuance (but not on a monthly basis) 
  • сoncessional storage (25% discount) for collateral purchases
  • for new partners in agricultural production, there is a programme “Getting to know”, which provides a 50% discount on the package of elevator services with a transshipment volume from 500 tonnes of grain 
  • we also lease out separate silage tanks and work with specialty commodities (for example, granulated pulp, forage, fuel pellets). 

One can find out more about the Loyalty Programme terms in the presentation. We are looking forward  our cooperation at:  [email protected]   +38 050 351-85-38