Purchase of Sugar Beets

Astarta purchases sugar beets from product manufacturers

DSTU 4327:2013 Sugar beetroots for industrial processing. 

The physical condition of root crops – those that have not lost turgor
Mass fraction of flowering roots – not more than 1%
Mass fraction of wilted root crops – not more than 5.0%
Mass fraction of roots with significant mechanical damage – not more than 12.0% Mummified root crops– not allowed
Frozen with blackened vitreous tissues that peel off root crops – not allowed
Rotten root crops – not allowed
Mass share of green mass – no more than 3.0%
Sugar content – not less than 13.0%

Terms of cooperation:

The customer agreement for the cultivation of products, according to which Astarta advances funds and/or the necessary goods and material values: fertilizers, seeds, PPE, etc. You grow sugar beet, Astarta processes it at its own facilities and returns part of the produced sugar, pulp, and molasses to you.

Purchase of sugar beet grown by you during the production season.

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