History and Development

2023 — March 2, the 30th anniversary of Astarta’s foundation.

2022 — In March, Astarta, the charitable foundation “Believe in Yourself” and partners created the Common Help UA project to help civilians and the Ukrainian military.

The Board of Directors of Astarta Holding PLC announced that as of October 2022 the corporate seat of the company was moved from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Nicosia (Cyprus) and the company commenced to operate under the name of Astarta Holding PLC.

2021 — Astarta paid a debut dividend in the amount of EUR 0.5 per share.

In September Astarta announced about launch of a new development project to add a new technological line of advanced soybean processing to existing soybean processing plant with designed capacity of 100kt of Soybean Protein Concentrate.

2020 — within agro business ecosystem Astarta establishes Partnership Centre.

2018 — 2019 – the company continues a large-scale investment programme aimed at the construction of silo infrastructure and puts into operation four more silos in the Poltava region: Skorokhodivskyi, Lutovynivskyi, Semenivskyi and Yareskivskyi and purchases Krazyliv silo in the Khmelnytskyi region. As a result Astarta becomes one of the market leaders in the production, processing and storage of grain and oilseed crops in Ukraine with a total storage capacity of more than 560kt. In order to diversify logistics risks and increase competitiveness, the company purchases 200 new grain 9railcars

2017 — Astarta established an in-house IT company AgriChain which starts to develop an integrated digital agribusiness management IT software.

Implementation of the three-year transition to organic farming technologies project has begun. In 2020, the company received the certificate of the producer of organic products.

Commissioned the biggest in Ukraine feed centre in the Poltava region.

2015 — Astarta began implementing a five-year resource and energy efficiency programme (BAT – Best Available Technologies) in sugar production. As a result, within six years, the company reduced the consumption of technical water by 20%, natural gas by 27%, and electricity by 64% per tonne of sugar beets processed.

2014 — Globyno Processing Plant (processing of soybeans into high-protein meal and soybean oil) was commissioned.

Astarta put into operation one of the largest bioenergy complexes in Ukraine, with a production capacity of over 60m m3 of biogas per year.

2012 — Astarta commissioned a heifer complex in the Poltava region with a designed capacity up to 5,000 young animals.

2011 — the company constructs a new dairy complex for 1 300 head of cattle in the Poltava region.

2010 — the company launched a new business direction by implementing a large-scale investment programme aimed at silo infrastructure construction. The Voytovetsky silo in the Khmelnytskyi region and the Khmelnytskyi silo in the Vinnytsia region built and commissioned.

2008 — Astarta was one of the first Ukrainian companies to join the UN Global Compact.

The company was the first in Ukraine to sign an agreement on the sale of carbon credits with the Multilateral Fund for Carbon Credits, created by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

2006 — June 9, the holding company Astarta Holding N.V. was established under the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

August 17 – the initial public offering of shares on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Funds raised through the IPO were invested in the development of sugar production, improvement of agricultural technologies, and modernization of cattle farming.

2003 — 2005 – the Zhdanivskyi, Kobelyatskyi, Veselpodilskyi and Globynskyi sugar plants were acquired.

1999 — Astarta became a shareholder of the Yareskiv sugar plant and started the sugar production business.

1997 — the first agricultural company “Pustovytove” was established in the Poltava region.

The company starts agricultural production.

1994 – on April 29, the company signed a landmark contract No. 1 for the supply of energy to Ukrainian sugar plants in exchange for sugar.

1993 — On March 2, Viktor Ivanchyk founded the company Astarta-Kyiv.