ASTARTA’s farming units started the new spring planting season.

The Company’s main crops are sugar beet (33.5kha), corn (59.9kha), soybeans (31.2kha), wheat (46.5kha), sunflower (28.1kha) and winter rapeseeds (7.2kha). 

ASTARTA is also growing a mix of organic crops on 1.8kha. 

ASTARTA is fully prepared for the new planting season 2021 and has a full stock of seeds, crop protection means, fertilizers. The Company uses both imported and domestic inputs. The key selection criteria are quality and support for local producers. Wheat and soybeans’ seeds are produced in-house under the brand ASTARTA Select. 

The new John Deere tractors, purchased in 2020-2021 within the five-year investment programme aimed at upgrading its agricultural machinery, are already involved in the current planting. 

The staff has been trained. All operations are performed with strict quarantine regulations and requirements. 

Despite the later start of the planting due to colder weather conditions, all production operations will be performed within the required timeline.