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IT-company AgriChain

Creating a Digital Culture in Ukrainian Agribusiness

Agribusiness is a rapidly developing industry that introduces many new technologies, including digital ones. Astarta, as one of the leading agro-industrial holdings of Ukraine, started cooperating with world technological companies more than twenty years ago. But in 2017, Astarta began to independently develop innovative products and created an in-house AgriChain company. The process started with one software product, but later it was transformed into a complex system of IT solutions for agribusiness management.

The database available in the AgriChain system, which the company’s specialists have collected and systematised over the years, now allows managing the land bank at an unprecedented level.

Formation of agrochemical passports of each field, which include the history of crop rotation, works, inspections, meteorology, and soil analysis. Analysis of information about the state of crops from various sources – historical, satellite, aerial photographs. Automatic scheduling of field inspections, including individual crop-based inspection rules. Timely identification of risks — diseases, pests, weeds — for decision-making on their prompt elimination and assessment of their economic effectiveness. Online business intelligence and reports on the state of crops and yield forecasts.

In addition, these and similar systems enable to digitise the processes of warehouse management, procurement and supply of products, equipment and repairs, inventories and finished products logistics.

This innovative digital product will enable full automation of all processes in the near future. And thanks to the unique database, it will be possible to eliminate mistakes that people can potentially make. After all, automation and analytics make it possible to harvest with minimal losses while maintaining the high quality of the grown products.

Astarta believes that digital innovations and agriculture should be combined because together, they can give a fantastic result, both for the agricultural industry individually and for Ukraine as a whole. That is why Astarta shares its latest developments with other companies to help Ukrainian agricultural businesses use the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernise core technologies and benefit from new ones, optimise and automate operations, drive digital growth, and create digital experiences and develop digital talents and culture in Ukraine.

Through joint efforts, we will be able to become more competitive companies, communities, and the country.

Digital innovations in Astarta’s daily work