Within the framework of the joint partnership programme Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Astarta-Kyiv agri-industrial holding offer agribusiness producers unsecured loans of up to UAH 7.5 million.

ASTARTA Partnership Centre continues to expand the opportunities for co-operation with independent agricultural producers. Alfa-Bank — is one of the leading banks of Ukraine which has joined Astarta’s ecosystem.

Alfa-Bank Ukraine has a strong position in servicing the agricultural sector and is constantly expanding favourable conditions for its clients. Due to deep agricultural expertise, Alfa- Bank Ukraine offers prompt decision-making and a wide range of financial products for convenience of agribusiness producers.

Under the terms of the partnership programme agribusiness producers can obtain a loan from Alfa-Bank Ukraine on favourable terms against the grain supply agreement of the future harvest concluded with Astarta-Kyiv agri-industrial holding.

The partners guarantee quick processing of loan applications and rapid decision making. The maximum loan amount may be up to UAH 7.5 million. No collateral but only a guarantee from the business owner (agribusiness producer) is required to enter into a loan agreement.

To apply for a loan the agribusiness producer is required to:
•    agree with Astarta-Kyiv on the terms of grain supply of the future harvest (crop, quantity, supply terms and basis);
•    obtain a preliminary decision from Alfa-Bank Ukraine on obtaining a loan;
•    provide the Bank with the full package of documents to draw a loan and to open bank accounts at Alfa-Bank Ukraine (UAH and/or USD accounts);
•    enter into a grain supply agreement for the future harvest with Astarta-Kyiv;
•    enter into a loan agreement with a reduced interest rate with the Alfa-Bank Ukraine and obtain financing;
•    supply grain to Astarta-Kyiv at market terms.

For reference:
Astarta Partnership Centre was established for the development of an ecosystem of businesses related to agricultural production and trade in agricultural products, providing agricultural producers with resources, rendering services and consultations. By introducing new participants to partnership programmes, the Centre offers agrarians more comprehensive opportunities to support and develop their business. Astarta’s subsidiaries and affiliate enterprises are also involved in partnership programmes, in particular, these are grain storage and handling services, tolling processing of sugar beet, harvest purchase, insurance, software for agribusiness management (AgriChain) and other services according to the needs of partners. 

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is a large Ukrainian bank with international capital and is part of the private investment holding company ABH Holdings S.A. with its head office in Luxembourg. According to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine, Alfa-Bank Ukraine is among foreign banking groups, is a systemically important bank and is ranked among top 10 financial institutions of the country by assets. The Bank holds leading positions in all key segments of the banking market and is one of the most stable and reliable banks in Ukraine.