Communities are one of the Company’s main stakeholders. Within our long-term cooperation, we found that the newly formed local communities do not have the knowledge and tools to long-term planning and ensure sustainable economic development of their communities.

That is why in 2019 ASTARTA, together with the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine, Deloitte and Volochysk united territorial community (Khmelnytsky region), launched the “SMART-Impulse for the Community” project.

The project consisted of three stages:
– conducting a comprehensive diagnosis (SWOT-analysis) of the Volochysk UTC and identifying problems and points of its growth;

– Hackathon – a study of the needs of the population. In such a way we learned the aspirations of residents and their vision of the vector of growth and implementation of smart ideas;

– development of a long-term (until 2028) strategy for the sustainable development of the Volochysk territorial community.
As a result of the implemented project the set tasks are fulfilled:
– all planned researches were carried out;

– 40 recommendations and 60 ideas, based on the collected insights, were generated for education, culture and economics, health care, infrastructure development and support for small and medium-sized businesses, government, community and business interaction;

– projects co-financed by ASTARTA are currently being implemented: a niche enterprise for the production of natural cosmetics and procurement of medicinal plant raw materials and a family farm;

– developed a long-term strategy until 2028 for the Volochysk community. The document is scheduled for consideration and approval by local deputies.