In 2019 ASTARTA preserved leadership position on the local sugar market. Sugar plants of the Company secured 22% share of total sugar production in Ukraine. In 2019 our plants processed over 1.9 mln tonnes of sugar beet and produced 301,5 thousand tonnes of sugar. 95.5% of sugar produced was top-quality sugar (compared to 86% in 2018). In particular, share of extra quality sugar increased by 37% y-o-y to 75.6 thousand tonnes.

This season ASTARTA focused on implementatoin of  Lean practices in order to improve effiency of different business operations. Bespoke system for the efficiency improvement (Lean-based), provided for the visible results in cost and resources savings. In particular, the sugar plants of ASTARTA managed to improve the sugar production index (industry-wide ratio) from 83.75% in 2018 to 85.05%, being the highest in the industry (the average index in Ukraine in 2019 was 83.57%).