Astarta has signed a loan agreement with Oschadbank to finance an investment project to build a new soybean processing plant to produce soybean protein concentrate.

The total amount of the credit limit is USD60m. The loan term is seven years. 

“This is our first large-scale project with Astarta. It is an example of exactly the kind of projects the Government of Ukraine is counting on in its plans for economic recovery. These are Ukrainian investments in our processing industry using funds from the Ukrainian financial system. There was competition between a number of banks. And the fact that Astarta signed an agreement with Oschadbank is a testament to the readiness of state-owned banks to support Ukrainian business during the war,” said Yuriy Katsiyon, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Oschadbank in charge of corporate business.

“The agriculture and processing industries are among the sectors that are the backbone of the Ukrainian economy in terms of production, export earnings, tax payments, and job creation. Therefore, implementing investment projects, especially in the deep processing of agricultural products, is essential to maintaining the country’s economic stability during the war and its post-war recovery. We are grateful to the bank’s team for their well-coordinated work. Thanks to banks like Oschadbank, Astarta has the opportunity to launch a large-scale investment project even under martial law,” said Liliia Lymanska, CFO of Astarta, when signing the loan agreement.