Mission and Value

Astarta is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding in Ukraine, a public European company, running a socially responsible business and producing food commodities with a focus on global markets. 

We are building a high-tech innovative company in Ukraine with a globally identifiable brand and impeccable reputation, attractive for shareholders and partners, creating products of the highest quality for the most demanding consumers, and providing an opportunity for effective self-actualization for each of the company’s employees. 

Our mission is to build a strong Ukraine and strengthen its credibility in the world, unlocking and multiplying the potential of the Ukrainian land and its people and inspiring the society with our example of business conduct, based on the principles of fair partnership, ethics, and development. 

While implementing our mission, we rely on the following strengths of ours: 

  • Stellar reputation of a responsible and reliable partner, 
  • Consistent quality of products made, 
  • Significant diversification and vertical integration of the business, and 
  • Strong employer brand. 

While strengthening our market approach to doing business with a focus on global markets, we:

  • Build marketing relations with the end users, 
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with our stakeholders and customers, 
  • Create give-and-take relationships with world leaders in our industry segments, 
  • Develop business partnership in Ukraine in order to promote national interests and improve the country’s competitiveness at the global markets, 
  • Develop the business of products advanced processing, 
  • Continue the introduction of the organic production, and 
  • Intensify the commodity trading business. 

Taking into consideration the rapid development of innovative technologies in the industry, we 

  • Are fully engaged in building infrastructure and developing agriculture startups, 
  • Promptly adopt advanced industry solutions to the company’s business processes, and 
  • Evolve synergistic R&D and business development. 

By developing the company’s staff and shaping the business culture and principles of respect for dignity and professionalism, we

  • Upgrade personnel training and development systems, 
  • Apply a more efficient approach to recruitment and engagement of employees, working continuously to raise their loyalty and create decent living and working conditions in the regions, and 
  • Set up external and internal talent pools. 

To enhance the efficiency of our activities, we embed the culture of lean manufacturing and energy-efficient technologies in our holding. 

While taking an active part in shaping our business environment and the society as a whole, we

  • Hew to the principles of sustainable development, 
  • Build the public-private partnership, 
  • Intensify cooperation with industry and professional associations, trade unions and local government authorities, 
  • Participate in the advancement of vocational education and applied research in the country.

We carry out our Mission with full commitment to the values of impeccable business reputation, social responsibility, respect for human dignity, and a synergistic partnership with a focus on the results. 

We get away from conformism and fear of change, wasteful attitude to the resources of the company, and the prevalence of personal interests over the team’s ones. 

We develop the value of entrepreneurism, personal efficiency, and the pursuance of the impossible to achieve the maximum.