Alfa-Bank Ukraine lent UAH200m to Astarta-Kyiv within a total credit line of USD40m. The company will use the loan to boost agricultural production, for purchasing fuel, mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, and to support sowing in the autumn.
“The production of crops cannot be put on hold. Instead, it’s necessary to ensure the continuity of production and be prepared well in advance. Therefore, financial support is extremely important, especially under the Martial law. We are harvesting winter cereal crops and have already started preparing for the autumn sowing. Thanks to our partnership with Alfa-Bank, we will be able to contribute together to food security in Ukraine,” said Vadym Skrypnyk, Director of Agricultural Production, Astarta-Kyiv.
Cooperation with agribusiness is one of the strategic directions of Alfa-Bank. Almost 30% of its entire business loan portfolio consists of agricultural loans.
“At this challenging time for our country, timely support to farmers is actually a duty of financial institutions,” says Liliia Lymanska, Vice-President, Director for Interaction with Agro-Industrial and Telecommunication Companies at Alfa-Bank Ukraine. “We are proud to cooperate with Astarta and believe in victory.”
Alfa-Bank Ukraine has been cooperating with Astarta-Kyiv for more than 6 years. In addition to lending, the Bank helps with daily business operations of the company, including international commercial contracts.
Alfa-Bank Ukraine has been identified as a systemically important bank in Ukraine. The Bank provides user-friendly modern banking solutions across different customer segments: from private individuals to large companies. It’s one of the leaders in the adoption of new technologies.

Astarta-Kyiv is one of the largest vertically integrated agro-industrial holdings in Ukraine. Its core businesses are farming, sugar production, dairy farming, soybean processing, grain logistics, and bioenergy. Astarta-Kyiv is a socially responsible company. In March, the company and the charitable foundation Believe in Yourself launched the humanitarian project, Common Help UA, which has delivered more than 14.3kt of humanitarian aid. Its humanitarian assistance received over 670 000 Ukrainians affected by the war as well as 270 social service institutions and healthcare facilities in 16 regions of Ukraine.