The Board of Directors of Astarta Holding PLC (the “Board”) (the “Company”) hereby informs that on 06 April 2022 the Board adopted a resolution on the approval of: (i) the proposal of the Board to convert Astarta Holding N.V., a limited liability company (naamloze vennootschap) governed by Dutch law, into Astarta Holding PLC, a public limited liability company governed by Cyprus law, i.e. by way of a cross-border migration of the registered office of the Company without its dissolution or liquidation followed by its subsequent reregistration in accordance with Cyprus law (the “Migration”) (the “Migration Proposal”); and (ii) explanatory notes to the Migration Proposal, which explains the rationale for the Migration (the “Explanatory Notes”). 

The Migration will take place without the Company being dissolved or ceasing to exist and will not lead to the reincorporation of the Company. Consequently, the shares therein will not be replaced by new shares and will remain listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and registered in the securities deposit under the same ISIN code. The voting rights and rights to profit, as well as other distributions will not be affected by the Migration. 

The Company is intending to complete the Migration by the end of November 2022.

Migration Proposal:

Explanatory Notes.