Sugar and Sugar By-products

Sugar (sugarbeet) is sucrose in the form of individual crystals, 0.6 to 0.85 mm in size. It is white and loose, and the mass fraction of sucrose is not less than 99.75%. It meets the requirements of DSTU 4623:2023. It is intended for consumption, industrial processing, retail chain sales, etc.

Packaging: polypropylene bags with a polyethene liner (50 and 25 kg), paper bags (25 kg), polyethene packaging (1 kg), paper packaging (1 kg), in bulk in Big Bags and sugar trucks.

Delivery terms: contractual (FCA, DDP, DAP, FOB, CIF).

Molasses is a viscous brown liquid containing 47-50% uncrystallised sugar, 20% water, and nitrogenous substances. It is used to produce alcohol and syrups, microbiological (yeast) products, and animal feed.

Delivery terms: EXW, DAP.

Granulated pulp is the residue of fibrous sugar beet material containing up to 84% moisture (raw pulp after squeezing), 2% sugar, fibre and trace elements.

Granulated dried pulp is grey-green cylinders with diameters of 8 and 10, containing up to 88% dry matter. It is used to feed cattle, pigs, etc. In Asia, it is used as a substrate for growing mushrooms.

Delivery terms: contractual (FCA, DAP, CIF).

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