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Commerce is the same as fishing, Anatoliy Rusnak

I came to the company almost 24 years ago and I remember well how it all began. Then ASTARTA signed its first contract for the supply of fuel oil and was looking for a team to execute the contract. There were three of us - two of my colleagues came from the Kiev aviation plant and I, from the Antonov plant. We worked in a small room, where at first there were only a few things - one table, one chair and one phone.
These were the 90s, when almost all mutual settlements were through barter. Under the terms of a contract with Ukrsugar, we needed to put 250 000 tons of fuel oil. At that time, almost all sugar factories were working on fuel oil. Instead, we received about 50 000 tons of sugar to be sold. Sugar went to many countries of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and others.
Of course, during this time the company has changed a lot. Each employee adds new qualities to ASTARTA's character. But the fact that, in my opinion, always distinguished our company is the willingness to take risks and sometimes make extraordinary decisions.
In the history of the company, I would emphasis three key events. The signing of the first contract with Ukrsugar, the purchase of the Yareskivsky sugar plant and, of course, IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
It sounds, perhaps, common, but the team is formed by people. And no matter how good the director is, without professional managers, a good result is impossible.
Once I read the story of a recruiting specialist in a large American trading company. Do you know that they have the first place in the ranking of qualities for the sales team employees? Ability to empathize. It struck me, but indeed in the work of the team values are not only professional but also universal human values. 
I often ask myself, "Why do I like my work?" In addition to work, I have a hobby - fishing. And I came to the conclusion that these are incredibly similar processes. Commerce is the same as fishing. You need to choose a place where you will "peck", prepare the necessary tackle, choose who will fish with you. And, of course, the result is catch. It is most valuable to me both in fishing and in commerce.
Generally speaking, commerce is my hobby, which has become a work. Or, conversely, work that has become enthusiastic.
In my free time, I like to travel. Recently returned from a trip to the Nordic countries - visited Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Apparently, from all the countries in which I had to visit, most of all, I was impressed by Norway. The organization of society, the mentality of people, their careful attitude to nature.
The most valuable thing in every trip for me is the ability to touch another culture, learn more about the cultural traditions of other peoples. Sometimes it allows to see Ukraine in a new light.
Everyone has their own energy sources. For me, these are friends, family and work. Happy is the one who goes to work with joy. I am a happy person.

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