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ASTARTA finished early crops harvesting campaign

ASTARTA’s farming units finished harvesting of early grain crops. This year the Company harvested over 250 thousand tonnes of early grain crops, including 242 thousand tonnes of winter wheat. New grain storage facilities in Poltava region were put in operation alongside the early crops harvesting campaign.

Rainy weather was one of the main challenging factor for the current harvesting campaign. Due to the high level of humidity the harvesting machinery had difficulties with carrying out works according to schedule. Yet the Company managed to complete the harvesting campaign with minimum risks of wheat quality losses. In many cases passing the harvest through grain dryers was needed.

The average yield of winter wheat was 5.3 tonnes per hectare for the West farms and 4.5 tonnes per hectare for the East farms, both below the Company’s forecast. These corrections were caused by stressful weather during the spring vegetation, in particular, prolonged cold period and the lack of precipitation.

At the same time, late crops are developing optimally. "This is a kind of a rule: summer rains are detrimental for early crops harvesting, but beneficial for technical crops. So most of our fields under sugar beet, corn, sunflower and soybean are in excellent condition today”, – commented COO of ASTARTA Zeljko Erceg.

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Alla Yurchuk

Press Secretary