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ASTARTA Introduces Innovative for Ukraine Advanced Soybean Processing

In September 2021, ASTARTA launched a new investment project to add a new technological line of advanced soybean processing to existing soybean processing facilities in the Poltava region. The production capacity of the line is up to 100kt of soy protein concentrate per year. The project timeline is two years and planned investment is circa USD50m.

The technology is innovative for Ukraine. The soy protein concentrate is made by aqueous alcohol extraction from non-granulated soybean meal. Soy concentrate is used as a high-quality feed component for livestock, poultry and fish.
– For Ukraine it is very important to reorient its economy from a raw material export model to the production of higher value-added products. And advanced soybean processing is one of the promising areas for the development of the domestic processing sector. ASTARTA, as a sustainable business built on the principles of ESG and responsible consumption of resources, will offer a high-quality non-GMO product made from the European traced soybeans. The availability of such a high-quality product on the market can foster the development of related Ukrainian industries such as aquaculture and animal husbandry, – said the founder and the CEO of ASTARTA-KYIV Viktor Ivanchyk.


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