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2019 harvesting campaign results of ASTARTA

ASTARTA has completed the 2019 agricultural production season in late November. The Company harvested 580 kt of corn  and about 1.5 mt of sugar beets (the deliveries from fields to sugar factories are still ongoing).
This fall weather conditions and integration of IT-solutions into field operations provided for more efficient and short harvesting campaign. At the same time, summer drought affected the crops’ potential yield. As a result, corn yield amounted to 8.7 t/ha (gross), expected sugar beet yield (net) – 43.7 t/ha. Compared to last year sugar content in beets grew from 16.9% to 18.2%.
According to the national association Ukrsugar, since the beginning of 2019/2020 MY and up-to-date 8,37 mt of sugar beets were processed and 1,26 mt of sugar were produced (12.5% less y-o-y). Exports of sugar from Ukraine in 2019/2020 MY is expected to reach 300 kt.
Vadym Skrypnyk, Acting head of the Agriculture Division of ASTARTA:
The harvesting campaign has been completed, but other field works are still  running such as: preparing  soil for the spring sowing campaign in 2020, applying fertilizers for winter crops. Although the winter crops have been planted when the amount of moisture in the soil was at suboptimal level, we estimate their current condition as good, therefore entering the winter season at an appropriate level of development. We also continue thorough analysis of seeds vis-à-vis expected yields, and next year we will select only those varieties and hybrids that have shown the highest performance and resistance to the weather challenges.



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Alla Yurchuk

Press Secretary