ASTARTA completed the 2021 sugar beet processing season, which lasted 100 days. The Company processed 1,844kt of sugar beets and produced 266kt of sugar from sugar beets. 

The sugar content in beets remained at a high level and averaged 17.0% at ASTARTA (compared to the 16.9% Ukrainian average according to «Ukrtsukor»).

The yield of sugar was 14.4% (compared to the 14.2% Ukrainian average according to «Ukrtsukor»).and 23.4kt of winter rapeseeds (3.24 t/ha).

In total ASTARTA produced 339kt of sugar from sugar beets and imported raw cane sugar. 

The final 2021 harvest of ASTARTA totalled 1,584kt of sugar beets (gross yield – 47.4 t/ha), 508kt of corn (8.6 t/ha), 94.5kt of soybeans (3.0 t/ha), 76.2kt of sunflower seeds (2.7 t/ha), 268kt of winter wheat (5.76 t/ha) and 23.4kt of winter rapeseeds (3.24 t/ha).