Astarta joined the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC), an initiative that brings together honest, ethical and transparent businesses.

“Astarta’s role is not limited to producing agricultural products and supporting Ukraine’s food security. We aim to inspire society by setting an example of doing business through honest partnerships, ethics, and sustainable development principles. That is why we conduct our business transparently and ethically and encourage our partners to work similarly. We also cooperate with communities on the same principles: we implement social impact projects to improve the quality of life of Ukrainians and their self-reliance, support veterans and families of military personnel, and develop small and medium-sized businesses. By joining the UNIC Network, we will be able to work together to increase the level of integrity of Ukrainian business,” said Lilia Lymanska, Astarta’s CFO.

“We are pleased to see Astarta, one of the leaders in the agricultural sector, among the community of Ukrainian and international companies that conduct their business with integrity and transparency. The UNIC members, of which Astarta is now one, not only adhere to high ethical standards in their business but also demand the same from their counterparties and suppliers. Thus, they spread and promote the practices of integrity and corporate compliance to their business partners. I am confident that participation in such a collective action initiative as UNIC, established with the help of such respected organisations as the Business Ombudsman Council, the EBRD and the OECD, will be a significant support for Astarta in maintaining its status as a reputable partner for foreign investors, buyers and lenders,” said Gleb Bakalov, Chairman of the UNIC Executive Committee: