The 12th edition of WOOD’s Winter Wonderland EMEA Conference, the largest Emerging and Frontier markets event of the year organised by WOOD & Co, took place in Prague, Czech Republic. Prominent CEE companies from different industries gathered at this flagship event.

Astarta traditionally participated in this Conference and was the only company representing Ukraine to sustain a profound dialogue between the company’s high-level management and investment decision-makers, leading analysts and asset managers.

Yuliya Bereshchenko, Director for Sustainable Business Development and IR, Astarta:

“It is essential to maintain active dialogue between corporates and investors, and such investor conferences are one of the key avenues for it. Current long-term shareholders, as well as prospective ones, have shown interest in the company. A wide range of questions were raised during the 1-on-1 meetings, primarily those related to Astarta’s strategic goals and investment projects, including a new processing line for the soy protein concentrate. Of course, war-related issues and their influence on a company’s activities also draw the attention of investors and analysts.

We had a profound discussion with the investors’ community on the current market situation regarding overland and seaborn export capabilities. We highlighted the importance of effective cooperation between Ukrainian and EU agri-producers on the former’s journey to integrate into the EU market. The upcoming stage of land reform, which will take place in 2024, has provoked questions about land lease rights and ownership for agricultural operators.

Sustainability and climate change issues have also been on the agenda since Astarta has stepped on its path to decarbonisation. Considering the importance of digitalisation, investors showed interest in an in-house IT solution of Astarta – AgriChain, especially its role in precision farming and soil quality control.”