Astarta became the voice of Ukrainian sugar producers at the March international sugar conference held in Dubai. The event brought together more than 700 industry representatives from different countries and became the most crucial event in the global sugar industry.

– Ukrainian producers are ready to supply the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia countries with high-quality sugar. Moreover, this market is familiar to us but traditional. After all, until 2022, we exported almost all of our sugar to these markets,” said Vyacheslav Chuk, Astarta’s Commercial Director, in his speech at the conference.

– Despite all the difficulties in our history – from financial crises to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine – we have preserved an industry ready to export one million tonnes of sugar. Astarta, one of the largest sugar producers, is prepared to be one of the key exporters.

The proof of our readiness is that Astarta was the first Ukrainian company to load and ship a vessel with 3,000 tonnes of sugar to North Africa. 

– At the same time, we, the Ukrainian producers, continue to export high-quality sugar to the EU countries and hope to have free access to these markets in the future, – added Mr. Chuk.