In the 2022-2023 marketing year, Astarta exported 833kt of agricultural products amid limited logistics capabilities. The company’s export geography includes more than 40 countries.

Despite russia’s constant blocking of sea trade routes and other export restrictions, we managed to supply more than 563kt of grains and oilseeds to foreign markets, including 177kt of wheat and 386kt of corn. Italy, Spain, Indonesia and Kenya became the primary wheat consumers, while China, Portugal and Spain – corn importers.

The EU countries became the primary consumers of soybean-processed products. Having exported 48kt of soybean oil and 133kt of soybean meal, the company is currently ranked second and first among Ukrainian exporters of these products.

The company has also supplied 52kt of sugar to European markets, retaining its leading position among Ukrainian exporters.

– Thanks to our well-built reputation, transparency and sustainability, we were ready to integrate into European markets with our main and niche products. By the way, niche products, mainly organic flax and mustard, were one of the discoveries of the last season. Their presence in our product portfolio allowed us to work with large and regional European Union players. Astarta plans to continue to deepen trade relations with key European partners and develop its product line under its brand,” said Vyacheslav Chuk, Astarta’s Commercial Director. 

*Marketing year – 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023.