On 19 February, Tokyo hosted a bilateral conference on promoting economic growth and reconstruction of Ukraine chaired by the Prime Ministers and attended by representatives of 80 companies from both countries.

Astarta was represented internationally by Natalia Bohacheva, the Director of AgriChain (Astarta’s in-house IT company), and Yulia Bereshchenko, the Director of Sustainable Business Development and IR at Astarta.

As a result of the conference, AgriChain signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese technology company Sagri on using digital innovations and AI in agriculture to improve efficiency.

– We started negotiations on cooperation with Sagri, one of the most famous Japanese technology companies, in autumn 2023. As a result, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding today,” said Natalia Bohacheva. – This technological partnership is essential and valuable for us. After all, Sagri is also involved in climate change and food security, using advanced technologies to determine agrochemical soil indicators based on satellite monitoring data and AI algorithms and to determine the carbon footprint of pesticides and fertilisers. AgriChain addresses global challenges, including sustainable business development, climate change impact, decarbonisation, food security, and AI development, by creating and developing digital solutions for agribusiness management. In addition to the development of AgTech in Ukraine, the Ukrainian-Japanese partnership will help accelerate the post-war recovery of Ukraine’s agro-industrial sector.

It is expected that in 2024, as part of a pilot project, Sagri technologies will be tested at Astarta’s production assets, and work will begin on integrating Sagri and AgriChain Scout software services.