In 2023 Astarta supplied over one million tonnes of products to global markets. Export revenue increased by 17% compared to 2022 and totalled EUR325m.

“Many regular logistical obstacles characterised 2023: the termination of the “Grain Deal”, a significant export restriction across the land borders with the EU, and regular Russian air attacks on Ukraine’s energy, railway and port infrastructure. On the other hand, these challenges have mobilised our team to look for new opportunities. To diversify our logistics flows, we used combined modes of transport – the lion’s share of our products was exported through a sea corridor from the ports of Odesa, secured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We also delivered shipments by land to Polish ports and via the Danube ports”, said Astarta’s Commercial Director, Viacheslav Chuk. 

The primary consumers of corn were China, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, and wheat – Spain, Indonesia, Portugal, and Sri Lanka.

Astarta’s sugar, soybean oil and meal were supplied mainly to European markets.

Astarta’s organic products were exported to Germany, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

In total, Astarta’s exported its agricultural products to 44 countries.

The company plans to diversify further, expand its sales markets, optimise export logistics, and increase export volumes.