Bioenergy complex (Globine, Poltava region) was put into commercial operation in October 2014. The complex, unique for the CIS countries, produces biogas in the process of fermentation of waste from sugar production and sludge residues. Its design capacity reaches 150 thousand cubic meters. m biogas / day, equivalent to 75 thousand cubic meters. m of natural gas. Production replaces up to 50% of the needs of the Globinsky Sugar Refinery in natural gas during the period of beet processing. After the end of the sugar season, biogas is used to meet the technological needs of another ASTARTA plant in Globina, a soybean processing plant, as well as for the production of "green" electricity. The facilities of this complex have significant reserves for increasing, in particular, the production of thermal energy.


The use of biotechnology makes it possible to increase the use of renewable energy in the production cycle. This is very important for an energy intensive industry such as sugar production and a real alternative to imported gas. In addition, the efficient use of resources is achieved through the further use of biomaterials as fertilizers for agricultural lands.

In addition, this project significantly improves the ecological situation, since it reduces the man-made environmental burden and allows creating new jobs for the population of the Globe region, which in general has a positive impact on the social development of the region.