Partnership Centre


In spring 2020, we established the Partner Interaction Center (PIC) to offer comprehensive conditions for cooperation in a “one-stop” mode to our current and future partners.  
The ASTARTA PIC consolidated all agricultural crop procurement programs, services and products the company can offer to its partners for their business development. Our expertise, scale, extensive production and grain elevator capacities allow us to make profitable offers  according to the needs of each partner.
We build an open eco-system where all the participants become more efficient and profitable due to each other's capabilities and knowledge. We are looking forward to cooperate with farmers, suppliers, banks and other agricultural market operators!
Offers from the Partner Interaction Center:
•    spot purchases of grain and oilseeds
•    a forward program of grain and oilseeds purchases of the future harvest
•    purchase and toll processing of sugar beets
•    sale of plant protection products, fertilizers, micro-fertilizers, and seed grains (partner programs with producers of commodities and materials)
•    receiving and storage of grain by elevators of ASTARTA as well as provision of grain processing and transshipment services
•    provision of transportation services by road and rail
•    analysis of soils, compilation of agrochemical cartograms and provision of recommendations on application of fertilizers for the planned yield
•    AgriChain IT-modules for automated management of agrarian business (land bank management, production program management, crop monitoring and productivity analysis, management of warehouse operations, logistics and other modules)
•    partner programs with the leading banks of Ukraine
•    crop insurance programs provided by the Ukrainian Agro-Insurance Company PJSC
Contacts of ASTARTA Partner Interaction Center:
•    066-733-88-99 Holovan Nataliia Borysivna
•    095-884-54-45 Hnat Kateryna Orestivna