Silo services

Silo services

ASTARTA is a market leader in the production, storage of cereals and oilseeds in Ukraine, with silo capacities of 550 thousand tons. Today, ASTARTA’s elevators store their own products and grain of several thousand contractors from all over Ukraine. The turnover of elevators of the Company makes on average two turns.

The location of grain silos and the volume of storage capacities:

Khmilnytskiy elevator (Vinnytsia region) – storage capacity - 82 kt.
Viytovetskiy elevator (Khmelnytskyi region) - storage capacity - 62 kt.
Semenivskiy elevator (Poltava region) - storage capacity - 120 kt.
Skorohodivskiy elevator (Poltava region) - storage capacity -30 kt.
Lutovynivskiy elevator (Poltava region) - storage capacity - 100 kt.
Yareskivskiy elevator (Poltava region) - storage capacity -100 kt.
Krasylivskiy elevator (Khmelnytskyi region) - storage capacity - 62 kt.

Silos can accept 12 crops:
Cereals - wheat, corn, barley, millet, rye, buckwheat, oats, sorghum;
Oilseeds - sunflower, rapeseed;
Legumes - peas, soybeans.

In the process of receiving and storing grain, the Company's silos provide a range of services:
•    carrying out of analyzes and laboratory researches, determination of quality of grain;
•    grain weighing;
•    drying, cleaning, ventilating and decontamination (if necessary);
•    shipment of grain by road and rail.

Modern equipment of the Company’s silos allows to preserve good grain condition.
Our advantages:
•    long-term experience in the grain production and storage market;
•    compact network of silos capacities by region;
•    certified grain storage and quality assurance;
•    optimal and transparent tariff policy.