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Environment Protection

The company has developed a policy on quality, food safety, occupational safety, industrial safety, environmental protection, and energy management based on the following principles:

  • ensuring responsible activity in accordance with the regulatory requirements and legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of occupational safety, industrial safety, and environmental protection;
  • improving industrial safety by ensuring continuous technical control over production and usage of the best techniques to improve working conditions and enhance safety;
  • ensuring sustainable development of the company through the introduction of new environmentally-friendly technology, and reducing emissions and waste at each stage of production;
  • cooperating with stakeholders and local communities regarding company activities in the sphere of environmental protection;
  • teaching, holding professional training, and increasing employee qualifications in OHS and environmental protection.

ASTARTA is enhancing the environmentally safe growth of its enterprises and investing in the continuous improvement of production technology, heading towards great results by means of its environmental, social, and corporate development. Specialists from ecological, OHS, and certification departments have developed a number of environmental programs, including:

  • a program of replacing asbestos materials in order to minimise risks associated with or thought to be associated with health and safety;
  • A program of withdrawing from the usage of R22 freon, instead using safe gases, in accordance with the Montreal Protocol, in numerous agricultural firms.

Integrated controlling programs for pests / diseases (crop protection substances):

  • rational use of crop protection substances;
  • refusal to use Ia and Ib class substances according to WHO data;
  • programs for developing relationships with stakeholders, holding public hearings, conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA), etc.

The company is open, transparent, and shows its social and environmental activity in annual reports. In addition, ASTARTA takes part in international initiatives such as:

  • United Nations Global Compact, since 2008;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility center, since 2012.