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Sustainable Development


Sustainable development of ASTARTA includes 3 components: economic, environmental and social.

Sustainable development of ASTARTA is ensured through implementation of corporate social responsibility policies.
One of the effective mechanism in CSR management is Strategy. Developed in 2014 it is aimed to generalize social and environmental initiatives in order to enhance their effectiveness.
As part of the strategy, ASTARTA reaffirms its commitment to the principles of transparency and accountability in its daily activities and focuses its efforts on achieving sustainable leadership.
We support ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection and counteraction to corruption and extend our responsibility.
The UN Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015 adopted the Agenda for the period up to 2030, including identification of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Goals were developed to unite the efforts of all countries to ensure a more harmonious life for their citizens and the development of the planet.
We accept and share the goals of sustainable development, contribute to their achievement consistently in their day-to-day business activities.

We understand that sustainable development of the company is impossible without building partnership  with stakeholders.
In order to increase public awareness, establish a constructive dialogue with stakeholders, improve  business procedures, develop a strategic approach to cooperation, the "Stakeholders Engagement Plan”  was developed, the principles of which are implemented by the holding companies. The document provides for more active involvement of stakeholders in cooperation, defines the basic principles of interaction, forms of communication, etc.
The company is aware that organization should be as open to its stakeholders as possible. ASTARTA has clear ethical rules through which its values are implemented. In the Code of Ethics, the Company undertakes to maintain an active dialogue with stakeholders by applying the best business practices that contribute to sustainable development.

ASTARTA is guided by principles of access to public information of all key stakeholders, in particular through
1) transparency and openness of its business activities;
2) free access and distribution of information, excluding restrictions established by law;
3) equality, regardless of race, political, religious or other beliefs, gender, ethnic or social origin, property status, place of residence, language or other characteristics.