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    The day of traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt in the head office of the Company, 2018
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    We value our employees by providing optimal working environment.
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    The Astarta team takes part in the Color Run, 2018
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Our people are in Astarta

Our people are the most important asset of our company. Below you can find inspirational stories of their success. These are absolutely unique stories about new horizons, radical changes and opportunities.

  • Commerce is the same as fishing, Anatoliy Rusnak

    I came to the company almost 24 years ago and I remember well how it all began.

  • Роман Матіїв: «I do not imagine my life without cattlefarming»

    I remember my first working day qvery good. It was July 1, 1996.

  • Serhiy Muzika: «Son is willing to work in the field. I have a successor»

    I came to the company after graduating from Khmelnitsky National University.

Start your career in Astarta

Astarta is one of the best employers in Ukraine. During the production season the number of employees totals about 10,000 people, the vast majority of them is personnel involved in production process in various regions of Ukraine.

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