“We need to have predictability and foresight regarding the prospects of our presence in European markets,” said Vyacheslav Chuk, Astarta’s Chief Commercial Officer, in his speech at the 6th German-Ukrainian Business Forum held today in Berlin with the participation of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal.

“Astarta is a publicly traded European company with sustainable development values and a transparent business model. Our products are focused on European markets. Moreover, even in the face of a full-scale war, we continue to invest in developing production and extending the value chain in line with EU standards. Accordingly, predictability, clear rules and opportunities for Ukrainian businesses to operate in the European market are critical to us.”

Vyacheslav Chuk also drew attention to the need to adapt the logistics infrastructure of the countries bordering Ukraine to today’s new realities. “This will help overcome one of the biggest challenges for agricultural export – the limited capacity of the logistics infrastructure of neighbouring countries.”

“We are not looking for competition. We are looking for a partnership. The philosophy of our business is to establish a long-term value partnership. And for Europe, Ukrainian business can be just such a value partner.”

“Regarding the tools for deepening bilateral relations, Vyacheslav recalled that Astarta has been cooperating with Germany in various industries and projects for many years: “We buy German-made machinery, receive financing from German banks, including state-owned ones, and supply grown produce and sugar.”

“Separately, I would like to thank the German Government and the German Development Bank DEG for their support and faith in our company and Ukraine, with whom we are implementing the social project “Course to Independence”. The project aims to develop and support small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine, specifically in the food sector. Last year alone, we funded 60 small and medium-sized businesses. This year, 100 Ukrainian entrepreneurs will receive grants. Our key mission is to support food safety and economic stability in Ukraine. Our German partners help us to achieve this aim.”