Dear partners and friends,

Thank you for overwhelming words of support that we are receiving during the fight for freedom by the Ukrainian people.

In response to numerous enquiries we would like to list just a few ways by which you can help Ukraine:

Humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable and displaced by the war

Ukraine Crisis Appeal | British Red Cross

Fund raising for the Ukrainian Military Servicemen

NBU Opens Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces (

How to help the Ukrainian Army (

If you are based in a country which is a member of NATO, please forward the below appeal by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK to extend military aid to Ukraine by imposing a No-Fly Zone over its skies and sign the petition to close the airspace over Ukraine

Ukrainian ambassador asks Nato for a ‘no fly zone’ over country amid Russian invasion – YouTube

We are very grateful to our second largest shareholder, Fairfax Holding, for backing Astarta’s financial assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of its corporate responsibility and civil duty during these difficult times. 

And we hope that we can count on your support in our just cause – Stand by Ukraine!

Astarta team