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Astarta-Kyiv is an agri-industrial holding and one of the leaders in the Ukrainian sugar sector. We focus our operations on production and sales of sugar from sugar beet, sugar by-products, grains, oilseeds and related services.

Main results of 2020

  • Astarta harvested 1.5 million tonnes of sugar beet
  • 226 thousand tonnes of white sugar was produced
  • 811 thousand tonnes of grains and oilseeds were harvested
  • Milk production was 93 thousand tonnes

Since 1993, the company has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner and supplier, committed to best international standards in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Integrity, transparency, and building strong human capital has also been among the company’s key priorities. We have established stable long-term business relationships with leaders of the Ukrainian food processing and confectionary industry. A growing part of our production is being exported through international agricultural traders to more than 30 countries. We also work with major international and local banks, rewarding ourselves with an impeccable credit history.


  • 12 04 | 2021

    ASTARTA Publishes Annual Report for the Year 2020

  • 19 05 | 2021

    ASTARTA Published Report for the First Quarter of 2021

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