Investor Relations

Astarta is one of the largest vertically-integrated agroindustrial holdings in Ukraine. The Company’s main activities include grain and oilseeds production, sugar production from sugar beets and raw cane sugar processing, soybean crushing, milk production, as well as grain and oilseeds storage and handling services.

Main results of 2021

  • Astarta harvested 1.6mt of sugar beet
  • 340kt of white sugar was produced
  • 974kt of grains and oilseeds were harvested
  • Milk production was 97kt

Since 1993, the Company has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner and supplier, committed to best international standards in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Integrity, transparency, and strengths of its human capital has also been among Astarta’s key priorities. The Company maintains a nation-wide presence with around 5k employees based at its production and storage facilities in seven regions. Their dedication and expertise determine Astarta’s success.

The Company has established stable long-term business relationships with leaders of the Ukrainian food processing, confectionary and retail industries. The Company exports its produce to 50 countries.
Astarta’s achievements have been built on continued development and innovation to meet changing needs of its customers, to improve operations and to work with independent crop growers via the Partnership Centre to ensure sustainable agricultural production.

Through an effective leadership effort from everyone across the Company, combined with the right resources and trust in regional teams, Astarta delivered revenues and operating profit at levels way above previous years.

Pavlo Popov

Head of Division

Juliya Bereshchenko

Sustainable Business Development and IR Director