Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility is the basis of ASTARTA’s philosophy. In 2008, we joined the United Nations Global Compact to conduct active social politics and charity. The total budget for social and charity programs was over UAH 35 mln in 2016.

Current platform of Corporate Social Responsibilities is another step towards formation of stable future. We are convinced that it is the social responsibility of business which fuels the stable growth of the Company over the long-term that results in higher efficiency of labor, lower turnover of employees, and improved overall social stability.

ASTARTA aims at being the best company in these categories:

  • the best investment;
  • the best partner;
  • the best employer (among agro companies);
  • the best neighbor.

In the category “the best investment” the key attention is paid to corporate management, transparency and corruption fight.
The Company will continue improving the level of corporate management and transparency to its shareholders. At the same time, ASTARTA is permanently improving of anti-corruption system, internal fraud control as well as actions against raise of financial and production conflicts of interests.

In the category “the best partner” ASTARTA will continue cooperate responsibly with its suppliers and clients introducing conception of stable agriculture, work on improving the quality of the produce and decrease of negative impact on environment. Thus, the efforts are concentrated on the following priorities:

  • development of stable agriculture;
  • environment protection;
  • cooperation with suppliers.

The key tasks are directed on: far-sighted use of resources; water conservation; improve of energy efficiency and reduction in gas emission; conservation of the quality of soil; use of fertilizers and pesticides according to the best practice; etc.

The category “The best employer” concentrates on:

  • formation of brand “employer”;
  • professionals growth;
  • the protection of labor and health;
  • improvement of seasonal workers loyalty.

The Company plans to achieve these goals through: formulation of Code of Personal Conduct, upgrading of system of personal skills set, labor pool and mentoring programs, trainings, etc.
The category “the best neighbor” includes such important aspects as living standards, development of territories.

Today, the Company has business activities in 198 communities in six regions. We understand that success of our business depends on prosperity of local communities. The key priority for the Company is not only the provision of workplaces but decent working conditions of its employees. That’s why the Strategy the Company will continue development of social infrastructure development in rural area and will provide access of citizens in rural area to medical and education centers. The company has also developed Maps of stable development in regions of Company operations. These Maps allow identifying the regions which need the support primarily.
For the purpose of assessment and permanent improvement in CSR realization, ASTARTA created the the Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility headed by CEO of the Company.  

Reports on progress within the UN Global Copact:

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