Astarta started new production season

The spring field works begun in early March with seasonal fertilizing of winter wheat, which is by now 40% complete. This season, the company has about 54 thousand hectares of winter crops, which all are in good condition. Spring sowing campaign is due to start in a few weeks’ time and will stick to traditional crop rotation (sugar beet, corn, soybeans, sunflowers and other crops). This year the sowing area for corn and sunflower will slightly increase and for sugar beets will remain as in a previous year.

This year Astarta is to continue developing an integrated management system for agricultural production, will do targeted investments into precision farming, irrigation systems, GPS-tracking, quality controls. We also intend to extend activities of the subsidiary “Astarta-Selection” oversees seed production, field research, seed and soil laboratory analysis for Astarta’s farms and third parties.

Sugar factories are also starting preparations for the next season. This year the investments in the segment will finance the beginning of construction of a new sugar silo at Narkevychi sugar plant, developing water-treating facilities at Globyno industrial unit (sugar plant, biogas plant and soybean processing plant), as well as installation of a modern core equipment (centrifuges, pulp presses etc) at several sugar plants.