ASTARTA initiates new model of feed supply in dairy segment

Pilot project of the centralized provision and distribution of the high-quality feed is implemented in the production subsidiary «named after Dovzhenko» (Poltava region) at the dairy complex that keeps about 50% of the total dairy headcount of the Group. The central infrastructure facility (feed center) is planned to put into operation in the spring 2017. At the moment, the construction of the administrative pavilion, silage trashes and warehouses is taking place, the fodder mixing equipment is already installed. Total CAPEX of the project is estimated at 3 million USD.

ASTARTA considers dairy segment as one of the most promising industries in Ukraine despite difficult situation on the domestic milk market. Effective, highly-automated system of feed centers will stimulate the improvement of the ration of the cows and thus will improve the headcount’s health and yields by 20-30%. Besides, such centralization will provide rational usage of resources due to the compact allocation of the fodder edge and release of the part of the equipment used for the supply of the feed for each particular farm.

The capacities of the feed center are expected to service over 10 thousand heads of the cattle. Having strong feed production center and own headcount of cattle, the Company is developing actively the model of cooperation for the milk production in Poltava region.