ASTARTA soybean crushing season results

Globyno soybean crushing plant complete production season of MY 2016/2017 (MY: September 2016 – August 2017). ASTARTA confirmed its leadership in Ukrainian soybean crushing market with the share of 22%. The Company produced 155 thousand tons of soybean meal, 40 thousand tons of soybean oil and 12 thousand tons of soybean husks.

ASTARTA ships most of its soybean products on foreign markets. In MY 2016/2017, export geography of Globyno soybean crushing plant widened to more than 20 countries:

  • almost all the amount of soybean oil was shipped to Asia market;
  • soybean meal sales to EU advanced and accounted for 30% of ASTARTA sales. The Company has made its first shipment of premium non-GMO soybean meal to France. Overall export sales of soybean meal amounted to 80%.

For reference:

Globyno soybean crushing plant of ASTARTA – modern high-tech enterprise with a processing capacity of 220 thousand tons of soybean per year. The plant was put into operation in 2014. The products of the plant (high-protein soybean mean, soybean oil and soybean husks) have a high standard of quality and are in demand among foreign and domestic producers of food products and livestock.