Ongoing harvesting campaign in ASTARTA

ASTARTA continues harvesting technical corps. To date, about 40% of corn, 30% of sugar beet and 5% of soy are to be collected and stored. 

Harvesting campaign goes much faster at the East farms as compared to the Western farms, where higher humidity prompted later start. The Company has finished harvesting campaign of sunflower with the average yield of 2.2 tons per hectare in the East and 3.3 tons per hectare in the West. This year adverse weather conditions in Poltava region of Ukraine affected many crops, while in the West growing conditions were optimal. Crop yields of West farms are in line with the Company’s forecast: corn – 10 tons per hectare, soybeans – 2.6 tons per hectare and sugar beet – 60 tons per hectare. Thus, current average yields of soybeans is over 2.1 tons per hectare, corn – 7 tons per hectare, sugar beet – 50 tons per hectare.

This season ASTARTA improves the system of harvesting and transportation of sugar beet.  The Company replaced trucks with 40 m3 Sugar Beet Carts (produced by Amity Technology, USA) for sugar beet transportation purposes. These Sugar Beet Carts were introduced at all Western farms and partially at Eastern farms. According to Operations Director Zeljko Erceg, such an approach has many advantages, among which: optimization of the amount of transport involved in the harvesting and transportation process, reduction of soil compaction, better quality and preservation of sugar beet.