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Serhiy Muzika: «Son is willing to work in the field. I have a successor»

I came to the company after graduating from Khmelnitsky National University. Young and ambitious, I wanted a job, where you need to learn as much as possible. On the first working day, I realized that it was the job that I wanted.
Beginning with a garage mechanic, and the first thing that occurred to me when I saw the amount of work, was the question "Will I cope or not?". There were a lot of equipment, and it required knowledge, control, time, good organization of work.
Today, I can say that it is a great happiness for me to be not only a witness, but also a participant in the transformations that confirm the power of ASTARTA and the professionalism of our team.
In 2016, I chaired the production unit "Red Star". The level of responsibility have significantly increased. We do not have the right to let down ASTARTA, let down the team, let down people who trust us.
My example shows that if you have a strong desire and deliver good results ASTARTA provides opportunities for growth .
The changes that have taken place in recent years, inspire confidence that we are jointly building the future of the company, building the future of our families. ASTARTA deserves to claim itself as a powerful company that honestly conducts its business, and it inspires.
The greatest pleasure in my work, I consider the opportunity to be in the field, to sow and to harvest. The field is a philosophy of our life: it teaches, it tests, it induces to think over the essence of a person. All of this is really inspiring.
I am also inspired with communications with land sharers. These are people with a rich life experience who have something to learn. For me it is very important how do they perceive me.
What inspires me every day? Work, work and work again!
Undoubtedly, it would be wrong to assume that I passionate only about work (although it takes a lot of time and effort). I am a happy father of two children, a happy husband, a happy son.
With great pleasure, I watch my son, who has a love of Agri equipment, and is willing to work in the field. I have a successor!

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Alla Yurchuk

Press Secretary