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ASTARTA’s CSR projects: Go Camp

ASTARTA’s CSR projects: Go Camp

GO CAMP is the largest educational volunteer program in Eastern Europe. In the framework of this program volunteers from all over the world teach foreign languages and open the world to children from all over Ukraine. In 2018, ASTARTA supported the program and involved 220 children from 5 schools in Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia and Poltava regions. The project involved 7 English-speaking volunteers who taught English to children and engaged them in a cultural exchange during two weeks. The main goal of the project is to motivate pupils to overcome any barriers and to open new cultures, languages, opportunities.

For two weeks an intensive course of English studying was held in each of the schools. Through interactive communication, recreation, and cultural exchange pupils realized that the world is extremely large, and many cultures, traditions and languages are successfully developing in it. The project motivated the unity and learning of foreign languages, in particular English as the international language of communication in the world.

Thanks to the project, besides practical skills of communication with English-speaking volunteers, children visited different cities of our country. Almost all the schools involved in the project organized excursions during which children and foreign volunteer guests visited memorable places and local museums. There were also many interesting games, quests, sincere emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Anastasiia Vlasiuk, 11th grade pupil, Zhdanivska school (Vinnytsia region):
- GO CAMP is the first step to fluent English. It is a powerful impulse to further English studying, the desire to communicate, to feel that it is a language that opens opportunities, other values, gives access to many spheres and information. It is the language of the future.

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Alla Yurchuk

Press Secretary