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ASTARTA planted 170 thousand hectares under spring crops

ASTARTA’s farm units have successfully finished the sowing campaign of spring crops. This spring, the total area under the spring crops remained at the level of last year - 170 thousand hectares. At the same time, crop rotation structure was changed: the share of corn (71 thousand hectares) and soybeans (32 thousand hectares) increased due to the reduction of area planted under sugar beet (36 thousand hectares) and sunflower (31 thousand hectares).

Overall, the sowing campaign of 2019 started earlier this year. This allowed to carry out all planned production operations in a short period of time and use post-winter moisture in the soil. There are all preconditions for getting a good harvest: the sowing campaign was carried out timely using high-quality seeds with optimal protection means and fertilizers applied.

«The main features of current sowing campaign are innovative approaches to operational performance, modern machinery, high-quality seeds and early start of the campaign. Despite challenging weather conditions, we managed to complete the sowing campaign properly and in optimal time. My estimation of the general conditions of crops is good, considering the quality, germination and number of plants per hectare. We are optimistic on the future harvest the crops being in line with the budget», - comments Zeljko Erceg, Head of agricultural production division.

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