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Sugar beet planting campaign update

Spring planting campaign of ASTARTA started earlier than last year due to favorable weather conditions. Sugar beet has already been planted on the area of over 18 thousand hectares (50% completed). Farming units in the Western parts of Ukraine have also started planting campaign of sunflower (2 thousand hectares already planted).
Corn, wheat and sugar beet are the key crops in the current crop rotation. The planting campaign is running smoothly as all necessary preparation works have been performed carefully and timely.
This is the first campaign for the Company being fully digitalized - IT-platform, developed by subsidiary of the Group «Agri Chain» has been implemented by the all business units.
«We started field works with a new comprehensive digital approach. Our IT-platform «Agrі Management» is an integrated online system for planning, accounting and analyzing farming operations all over ASTARTA’s business units. Another digital tool to implement is WMS (warehouse management system), aimed to improve the control over the logistics processes and usage of materials. We believe that putting this software in operation will significantly increase efficiency of the agricultural segment of ASTARTA», - comments Zeljko Erceg, COO of the Group.

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Alla Yurchuk

Press Secretary