Company at a Glance

Founded in 1993, “Astarta–Kyiv” is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding specializing in sugar and agricultural production. It has proven to be a growing, transparent company, as well as a reliable partner and supplier.

Our agricultural business focuses primarily on the cultivation of sugar beet, grains and oilseeds, the production of sugar and related products (molasses and granulated beet pulp), and milk production. In Poltava region ASTARTA also has capacities for soybean processing (soybean processing plant) and biogas production (bio-energy project). 

Implementing a strategy of vertical integration, ASTARTA created a fully integrated production cycle of sugar from growing the beet to sugar production and sales. Growing sugar beets lowers dependence on the external supply of sugar beets, lowers the cost of produced sugar, and guarantees constant manufacturing and the highest possible yield and quality.

ASTARTA implements a scientifically grounded approach to crop rotation. Main crops (outside of sugar beet) are wheat, barley, soybeans and maize. ASTARTA’s agricultural firms are equipped with highly efficient modern machinery with a fleet over 3000 units. Through the use of modern agricultural machinery, the application of progressive agricultural technologies, and optimum crop rotation, soil quality improves constantly and the yields of main crops increase consistently as well.

Cattle breeding is a synergetic segment. ASTARTA is one of the biggest industrial milk producers in Ukraine.

Our mission toward partnerships with our suppliers and consumers has enabled us to establish stable long-term business relationships with the leaders of the Ukrainian confectionary industry and with international agricultural traders, rewarding us with an impeccable credit history. The company’s priority is to expand its effective industrial base, promote energy conservation, further optimize logistics, and maximize export opportunities.