On this page you can leave a massage regarding violations in the sphere of financial and economic activities.

In order to accurate analysis of the information it is very important to provide data with maximum of details. It influences how effectively and efficiently your information will be processed and the company take measures to eliminate detected violations and drawbacks.

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We ask you to note that the feedback contacts can significantly increase the effectiveness of our assistance in solving the urgent problems, elimination of violations in the sphere of financial and economic activities.

We guarantee that information processing will be with maximum objectivity and confidentiality in accordance with the Law “Personal data protection” dated 01.06.2010 N 2297-VI.


Do you want to report a violation:

  • corrupt actions
  • tender procedures
  • financial or other fraud
  • associated with the failure of commitments
  • in the area of ​​insider trading in the securities market
  • negative impact on the environment


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  • mail box "Kyiv, 04070, m/b 52"